You can’t live on Peach Fuzz alone!

We know, we know: Peach Fuzz is Color of the Year 2024 … but we know just as well that you can’t live on pink alone! The catwalks do not lie – indeed, they flaunt – and many are the trendy colors that will take center stage in clothes and accessories for the upcoming spring-summer – and why not, even winter-fall – season. Let’s find out together.
Of course, in our own small way, these are all shades with which we can personalize our products. Meanwhile, as always: thank you Pantone Color Institute!

Boulevard Grey

Boulders, stones, gravel: if we were to think what Boulevard Grey refers to, our references in could only be these. Then again, already from the name we have echoes of the nuances that color the Parisian streets. A deep gray, then, that stands out for its cool nature, intensity and dark hue, making it an excellent and less austere alternative to black for those who wish to renew their winter palette with a gentler choice. Perfect paired with cherry red, cobalt blue or embellished with a touch of silver.



Chambray Blue

A soft denim light blue, which could be mistaken for a pastel tone, is what defines Chambray Blue. Analyzing its qualities, there is an obvious brightness, combined with a decidedly cool undertone and a subdued visual effect. As a result, it turns out to be an ideal option to welcome the spring season of 2024, especially for those who prefer the Summer palette. It is a color that goes harmoniously with basic shades, such as beiges, especially those with cool neutrals, but also with taupe grays and softer, non-glare whites: so it is also perfect with Peach Fuzz.



Rooibos Tea

Intense and warm shade of red, enhanced by deep undertones and a subtle woody aftertaste. Rooibos Tea is a warm, medium-dark and not over-saturated color, proving perfect for those who like autumn shades. Speaking of combinations, it turns out to be magnificent when juxtaposed with various shades of brown, offering a cozy warm feeling and the possibility to revolutionize numerous outfits.



Sun Orange

Sun Orange evokes the vividness of a sunset, an orange that seems to capture the sunlight at its most striking moment, much like what we can admire during warmer seasons. Why not introduce this joyful and shining shade into your own closet? With its warm and sparkling nature, it is the perfect choice to revitalize spring fashion.


Spicy Mustard

The shade of Spicy Must ard stands out for its lively character and a touch of exoticism, offering an intriguing variation of the traditional mustard yellow. This color exudes a feeling of warmth and gentle welcome, fitting elegantly among the favorite choices in the fall range. Perfect for being the star of a monochrome ensemble, it is also masterful in adding a touch of vibrancy with its reflections in clothing, marrying beautifully with solid, reassuring colors such as variations of brown or olive green tones with golden highlights.




The Watercress color is revealed as a green with grayish undertones, a subtle shade that Pantone celebrates for its undercurrent vibrancy. It is just one of those shades that can infuse a touch of elegance without falling into the ordinary. With its cool, medium-brightness appearance, it looks set to be a valuable resource for those who skillfully play with the summer palette. Almost a twin of the Army Green, Watercress belongs to that category of ambiguous colors that oscillate between being a neutral and a distinctive color, making it among the most challenging to match.