About Us

It is a family story, indeed of families, that of Alpaca Tannery.; a story that began only in 2018 but is rooted in the knowledge acquired and skills gained by the parents of the founding partners over nearly half a century of work and experience in the tanning and leather industry: a unique know-how embodied in a craft tradition capable of innovation and renewal.

To date we specialize in the production of pigmented splits, stamped and smooth calves of which we follow and take care of the entire supply chain: from the selection of raw hides to the production of the finished product, in total respect and protection of the environment, priding ourselves on the prestigious LWG Certification.

Aware that we operate within a dynamic market that dictates increasingly pressing production and delivery rhythms, we have decided to meet the needs of our customers – whether these are leather shops, belt factories, shoe factories, or businesses involved in the production of promotional items, furniture accessories, pet items, or accident prevention – creating a wide selection of items in stock service, available for delivery very quickly, in most cases within 48 hours.

In addition, we work closely with stylists and designers in the production of customized items, so as to meet the demands for uniqueness and creative originality imposed by the world of fashion and design, through the creation of different types of finishes on smooth, embossed and printed leather.

Every day, we invest time and dedication in caring for each skin, performing thorough quality and environmental checks. By adopting state-of-the-art technologies we have optimized our production process, however, the quality of our items is essentially based on meticulous attention to every detail.

Our goal is to become, in the near future, a concrete point of reference, in the leather market, fostering the spread of pigmented crusts in the fashion and design industry, knowing that only listening and collaborative willingness can create long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.

Delivery speed

Our stock service allows us to guarantee curated and fast shipment of goods within 48h.

Innovative products

Always in step with the evolving fashion and design markets.

Customer care

Listening to your requests and diponibility to make customized products on your specific needs.


Our prices are aligned with those of the market but always take into consideration the specific needs of the individual client.


We are at the side of designers and ateliers to study together the most suitable product for their design.

Environmental protection

Our entire supply chain enjoys LWG – Leather Working Group certification.