Pigmented Scabs

All the merits of pigmented scabs

Versatility of use, possibility of multiple finishes, durability over time, best value for money, environmental sustainability, very high level of creative customization-this is why choosing our pigmented crusts.

What are pigmented scabs?

The rind is the part of the leather that is separated during the splitting process of a full grain leather. Basically, it is a skin to the surface of which a covering finish of very fine suspended pigment particles has been applied. The result is a leather with uniform color and surface, excellent resistance to light, liquids, stains and scratches, and easy maintenance.

It is this finishing process that makes it perfect for use in the fashion and design industry for the production of footwear, bags, belts, leather goods and furniture accessories.

The finishing process through the application of pigments not only ensures uniform color and protection to the surface, but also makes the final product optimal for all those uses where a uniform aesthetic appearance is required.

Our pigmented crusts are made in a wide range of colors, which allows us to satisfy the creativity of stylists and designers who also have the option of commissioning us to customize the desired shade for their designs if they cannot find the desired option within our proposals.

In addition, our crusts can be printed with custom patterns or engraved to create unique textures and designs, offering an additional level of aesthetic customization and different tactile and visual sensation, including gloss and opacity .

The material’s flexibility allows it to be used in a variety of applications, from flat parts such as shoe uppers to three-dimensional details such as the folds of a bag. Special treatments, such as waterproofing to water or other environmental factors, may then be required so as to meet the functional requirements of particular designs.

All of our pigmented crusts enjoy the prestigious certification LWG – Leather Working Group, the protocol that certifies compliance with strict environmental standards and certifies our effort and the effort of our entire production chain toward environmentally friendly production and systemic management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics.

The versatility of our pigmented crusts manifests itself not only in the variety of colors and finishes available, but also in their ability to be customized to meet the specific requests of stylists and designers.

The pigmented treatment provides some resistance to the elements, such as water proofing or protection from the sun’s UV rays, making our pigmented crusts a practical choice for everyday objects.

The cost of pigmented crust is cheaper than the price of full-grain leather; however, this does not affect its quality performance, which is often even preferable, even from the point of view of sustainability, significantly lowering material waste.

Our pigmented crusts are ideal for experimentation, allowing designers to test new ideas in small quantities before deciding on large-scale production.

Our entire production chain uses eco-friendly techniques and materials so as to reduce the environmental impact of the pigmenting and finishing process. In addition, it enjoys the Leather Working Group (LWG) certification of compliance with strict environmental standards.